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The THINNEST LAVASH in the world!

Markook lavash is specially baked to be tough on one direction and easy to tear on another. The thinnest lavash in the world will never compete with the flavor of your culinary choice of filling. Panini grill makes it especially crispy and virtually tasteless, never overpowering.

Wholesale Only

Purchasing is only available to wholesalers, distributors and other food industry businesses.

All of our products must be stored in freezer space for the freshest quality.

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Dimensions22 x 11 x 17 in in220 x 110 x 170 in in
Weight31 lb1600 lb
Count30 bags1500 bags

Order minimum is Five (5) packages.

Latest notice is two (2) weeks before shipdate.

Nutrition Information

Stone Lavash is made with GMO free flour and natural ingredients.

Our products are healthy, easy to use, and affordable.

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